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Tianfu Technology(Beijing)Co.,Ltd.(hereafter referred to as:Tianfu-Tech)is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianfu Group.It undertakes enterprise informatization project management,construction and technical innovation works within the group.Relying on the resources of good quality of the group,Tianfu-Tech assists medium-small financial organizations and medium-small enterprises to set up IT systems,as well as provides IT supports via its professional system management,thus to fulfill healthy and sustainable development of each enterprise.
Service sectors include financing,real estate,modern services,health care,energy mining,agriculture,trades and investment etc.
Tianfu-Tech outputs management,technologies and services in manner of technical services.Relying on intelligence and achieving all-win.
  • Technology service

    Tianfu Technology serves small and medium-sized enterprises, with "only one step ahead of technology guarantee and support" as its guiding ideology, and carries out services such as technology consulting, technology development, technology hosting, and technology export.

  • Financial service

    Tianfu Technology Financial Services Division owns the intellectual property rights of more than 80 bank financial products. Tianfu Technology is committed to bank product marketing, sales and operation services, to do a good job in bank product technology innovation, and to serve our customers.

  • Innovation Service

    Tianfu Technology Co., Ltd. plans to develop a number of scientific and technological innovation products and start scientific and technological entrepreneurship within three years. Three to five startup projects are planned to be launched within three years. The specific strategy is to conduct product demonstration and planning in the early stage and set up a startup company in the later stage to conduct product research and development.

  • Game & Entertainment

    Based on the Tianfu mobile banking platform, Tianfu Technology has made breakthroughs in games, ticket sales and office services, and through related services, Tianfu Technology has increased the stickiness of mobile phone users, realized revenue, and increased users.

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